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Mom shouted and cursed from the couch. Her scotch-soaked rant incoherent, as usual. Me and Dad played Gin Rummy at the kitchen table, sharing the cake he brought home for my twelfth birthday. He remembered I liked pink roses.

“I am disgusted!” Mom yelled, so hard that her false upper teeth slipped from their hold and fell into her lap.

I looked at Dad, he at me, our thoughts joined and we whispered in unison:

“You mean, disgusting.”

We followed with a quiet laugh — I took another bite: yellow cake, vanilla frosting, pink roses, green Happy Birthday writing. Dad remembered.



My first 100 word story. Edited version: I reworked this story after getting the most views, ever (45), and virtual silence, sans two comments and a few likes 😉 Here’s a poll, ‘cuz I really want to learn! I can take it 🙂 In case you didn’t know – the votes are anonymous; in other words, I can’t hunt you down 😉