Sci-fi(City)While I recover from my wonderful, yet exhausting, week of my family visiting (I’ve forgotten how BUSY one 11-month-old can be!), I share with you an interesting post I came across on my other blog.

This post is from Vintage45’s Blog that reviews old movies, TV shows, music and books. Aside from Bradbury, I’m not one to reach for sci-fi first, but I do love vintage books of all kinds; and this post in particular is about a book that captures thirteen science fiction short stories that inspired some well-known movies and television shows. This interests me for several reasons:

  • I’m working on my first short story, therefore, studying the short story form.
  • I’m trying to widen my reading repertoire; how do these science fiction authors’ use plot, action, description, etc.?
  • I may watch the movies to see the screenwriter’s/director’s interpretations.
  • Did these authors get royalties? I’ve read the opening chapter of the book on Amazon and it doesn’t appear to be addressed in this book, but that was not the focus.

Enjoy The Reel Stuff-Edited by Brian Thomsen & Martin H. Greenberg

Let me know what you think!