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Enjoying the sunMore chances to take, more spills to make,
More dreams to dream,
More mornings to wake!

More kisses to smooch, hugs for the pooch;
chocolaty sweet, more kisses to eat.
More kisses and kisses
for babies do make,
little and grand, on toes and on hands.

More sun, more sun!
for cheeks of rose and daffodils to pose.
More grass to mow,
More snow to throw,
off shovels, in balls.
More leaves to gather
in mounds, then fall.

More love to give, more love to receive,
more love to mend, so not to break.
More love to share,
and dare
to make.

More magic and wisdom,
more dragons to slay,
not to look away.
Never look away!

More books to read and words to bleed,
from poet to page, happiness and rage;
more notes to rhyme, dance to in time.
More time, more time!

For children, more stories
of moral and creed, and
more hatred to weed.
More good deeds,

More fences to mend, gardens to seed.
More forgiveness to give,
more lives to blend,
cards and letters to send:
‘Hello!’ ‘I miss you’ ‘I just want to kiss you’

More tears to free and friends to make.
More giggles and sprinkles
on cakes,
and fallen from the sky.
More pie, more pie!

More heels to click, three times,
Make a wish!
More hills to climb;
More hands to hold, bring in from the cold.
More places to dine, more wine, more years
on the vine.

More breath to take in, release from the chin.
Never too late,
More moments await.

~ C.P. ~

My humble attempt at poetry for a good friend facing a serious surgery. It speaks to me in more ways than one.